Senior Cab Redefing Senior Transportation

Our Process

Our process is to make booking transportation as easy as possible for the end user. Simply use your mobile phone to schedule a pickup from one of our caregivers. Our Door thru Door transportation model assures that you are escorted from you location to your destination and back with no time limits no waiting for return transportation

Trip Planning

Plan Trips a day ahead or several weeks ahead that fit your schedule

Ease of Use

Everything can be done on your mobile phone from planning trips to ordering extra supplies

Order Additional Services

Additional Services are available depending on the needs and wishes of the rider

Senior Cab Mobile Application

Certified Drivers

All of our drivers are certified caregivers trained in CPR/First Aid


Reliable transportation that fits your needs schedule around meals, activities, medication, etc

Detailed Reporting

Receive detailed reports of your trips complete with trip information pictures and more

Door thru Door Transportation

Door to Door Transportation Services respond to special personal needs.  For example round trip transportation may require help

  • out of the door at a senior’s home
  • into a vehicle and out again and
  • through the door at the destination

For a trip back to a persons home this sequence of doors is reversed

Hands On Service

While opening doors is certainly a key feature of a door thru door transportation service, it is the personal, hands on support for riders that distinguishes this service from other transportation programs out there. The “door thru door” includes multiple levels of service not generally available in other forms of available transportation options


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