Offer Specialized Transportation to your clients

Reliable Senior Transportation is an integral part of providing senior living services.  Transportation is needed for a variety of reasons- whether it is getting residents to medical appointments or taking them on outings and shopping trips. Transportation is central to providing both quality care and a high quality of life

Care Manager

Custom Transportation options

Offer custom transportation solutions to your clients. Our specialized transportation solution allows you and your client to be in control. Schedule transportation that fits your clients needs and timing. Trained Certified Caregivers escort your clients on their trips providing you valuable additional services to offer your customers

Care Manager

Robust Reporting Capabilities

Receive detailed reports of each trip completed to include in your own reporting. Reports include medical notes, shopping lists, pictures of your clients enjoying themselves and much much more. Received detailed route reports not only showing where and when but safety information relating to driver performance and adherence to Senior Cab’s rigorous quality standards

Senior Cab Door thru Door Transportation Simplified

Senior Cab focuses on the personal needs of its riders. Our mobile platform allows riders and facilities to easily book transportation to any venue. Easily Schedule and manage upcoming visits, rides and services.  Enjoy peace of mind- Our drivers stay with the rider and helps with activities a the destinations. Our reporting system ensures no detail goes unnoticed or undocumented allowing riders to be more independent and enjoy the ride. Senior Cab is your trusted helping hand

Mobile Booking

Book trips for your customers with our mobile app

Trip Planning

Plan trips for your clients directly through our app

Ease of Use

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Additional Services

Additional services are available for your clients depending on their needs from medication reminders to incontinent supplies

Senior Cab Mobile Application

Certified Drivers

Our drivers are certified caregivers and car/first aid trained to handle anything that may come up


Rest Assured our service is reliable and complete no one is left waiting for a return ride or dropped off at the curb

Detailed Reporting

Detailed reporting that you can incorporate into your reports to your customers or the assisted living facility

Communicate with Drivers

Forgot something need to change something you can communicate with our drivers at any time no dispatchers or switchboards to go thru

Drop Us a Line

If you any questions comments or concerns about our service please give us a call or use the handy contact form on the right



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